07 December 2013

Dec 14th Meeting: “Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors"

The December 14th meeting of the Pasco County Genealogy Society will feature Debra Fleming, presenting “Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors: researching the lineage of the homestead.”

Finding the land of our ancestors can be daunting but there is nothing in the world like walking on property owned by our ancestors. It’s very much like a homecoming. In this country we are looking for a homestead. In Ireland, it’s called a township. Mapping the boundaries can be difficult but not impossible. Tracing the lineage of the land requires many skills. We will explore, what we need to know in order to trace the lineage of the land of our ancestors and the steps we need to take to walk in the footsteps of our ancestral home.   

As always, Debra provides a wonderful presentation and you will not want to miss it. She is the principal of The Ancestry Detective™, LLC a genealogical research firm founded in Pasco County, Florida. She has been a practicing genealogist for thirteen (13) years.. You can learn more about Debra S. Fleming at 

Mark your calendars now to attend the Saturday, December 14, 2013. The meeting is held at the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, 9016 Ft. King Road, Dade City.

For additional information please call Janet at