26 May 2012

Another Online Genealogical Resource

This happens through the Pasco County Library System.  With my library card, I can borrow for 14-days an electronic copy of George Morgan's book, How to Do Everything Genealogy, second edition.  I did it on a Kindle.  If you don't have one, you can for free install from Amazon.com ( click, Kindle for PC.)  The software functions like a portable device.  There are other download (or Apps) for devices and even a Mac.  It is a tease for you to buy a Kindle and the software is fully operational.

Back to the library, open the library's webpage, then from the horizontal list of options move your cursor over Catalog & Research and a list of more choices will open, then move the cursor over Books & Media (downloads) and click.  Search for what you want.  If you choose and borrow the book How to Do Everything Genealogy all of the links in the book will work on your computer.  Unfortunately you will only have a 14-loan of the book, but you may want to buy a copy for yourself or see if the library has a hard copy of it for loan.  You do the borrowing from home and the electronic book doesn't need to be returned (it stops access.)

Besides George Morgan's book, there are many more books available.  There is one on Blogging, lots of "books for dummies," cookbooks, novels and more. 

22 May 2012

Medieval Irish Documents are Online

After the Irish Free State was established, a civil war broke out in Ireland over the separation of the northern counties from the Free State.  During this civil war in 1922, Four Courts which houses the written historical records of Ireland was destroyed.  Since that time there has been an attempt to recover what escaped destruction because it was elsewhere or had been copied.  Trinity College, part of the University of Dublin, has been at the heart of this effort and now the World can view what has been recovered online.

The material covers the period from 1244 to 1509.  This is a period that is not well understood.

The link to this online webpage is called: CIRCLE A calendar of Irish Chancery Letters c. 1244 - 1509 at chancery.tcd.ie

Most people of Irish ancestry cannot trace their heritage into this period, but access is free.  Aren't you curious?

13 May 2012

The Smithsonian is Coming !!!

You can download the images below by clicking HERE.

What do you think?   Plant City is about 15 miles south of Zephyrhills on State Road 39.  Follow Highway 39 into the city downtown,  You will be on Collins the street you are looking for and just before the railroad crossing there is ample free parking alone the railroad.  The city is a little larger than Dade City or Zephyrhills.  The people are mostly friendly and there are some extraordinary hardware stores and excellent meat markets, but that is not what you are there to see.

You can download the above images by clicking HERE.