11 April 2012

Arm Yourself for Summer Ancestor Hunts

Arm Yourself for Summer Ancestor Hunts is the title this month's Pasco County Genealogical Society Meeting.  Are you planning, hoping, or wanting to gather new details from your ancestry over the Summer months?

Some folks do this gathering willy-nilly hoping it all lands in their laps like you might see on the television.  Others of us enjoy the searches through libraries, courthouse, graveyards, websites, and more.  So this month before our break in the meeting schedule the presentations is focused on how-to-research in an efficient manner.  Instead of a single speaker, there will be a panel of your elected society officers presenting and answering research questions from the audience.

If all that isn't enough, April is the 18th birthday of the PCGS and we will be having birthday cake.

Come and join us at Pasco Genealogical Society and take part in this discussion at 9016 Fort King Road, Dade City, FL from 10 am to noon on Saturday April 14, 2012.  Come early to find a good seat with your friends in genealogy.