12 December 2012

What a Great 1st Meeting of the New Year

Mark your calendars January 12th at the Dade City LDS Center on Ft. King Road at 10 a.m. the meeting will open (come early to be assured of a seat.) This meeting is free. The meeting is, as always, open to the public.

The guest speaker will be Ann W. Palmer. Ms. Palmer is the Senior Librarian in charge of the Florida History and Genealogy Library which is housed in the John F. Germany Public Library in downtown Tampa located at Ashley and Cass St.

For almost 18 years, Ann has been researching her family. Ann is a member of several genealogical societies and served as president of one while living in North Carolina. By the way, she earned a Masters degree in Library Information Services (MLIS) from the University of North Carolina.

Does “Florida History and Genealogy Library” mean only Florida stuff? No, it doesn’t. The name was created because the library has an extensive collection of books about Florida plus an outstanding photographic collection of the Tampa Bay area taken between 1880 and 1960. As for genealogy, the collection has books on 49 of the 50 states with an emphasis on the northeastern and southeastern states. In addition to genealogy books, the library has cabinet after cabinet of microfilm from NARA and local newspapers. Ancestry Library Edition is available at any of the Hillsborough County Libraries and you do not need a library card to use it. Many other popular databases are also available at all the branches and if you have a Hillsborough County library card, you can access them from your home.

The Florida History and Genealogy Library occupies the entire 2nd floor of the West wing of the John F. Germany Library. It’s a library inside of a library. The entire floor has reference only books on the United States and many foreign countries. Many genealogy books are also circulating but they are located in the East building and require a library card to check them out.

Ann will be able answer many of your questions, but do some homework on your own.
Don't be lazy check it out.  So you can ask smart questions!

More to follow . . .

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