17 March 2012

March Membership Meeting

We enjoyed another great meeting that all those attending have grown in their genealogical points of view.  There were 44 members attending the meeting plus 12 guests. 
Business Meeting - Reports from Our many Committees
Besides the regular business meeting the new PCGS tote bags were available and selling ($15) like “hot cakes.”  They are large good quality bags - green and white with the society logo on one side, with a pocket, and a snap closure.

The Board of Directors presented their recommendations for the next 3-years to the Executive Committee.  Some great ideas to grow from are on the table.
Break time for snacks and talk

After the informative business meeting, we snacked with multiple one-on-one exchanges of treasured genealogical insights, and then the technical meeting.

Patricia Charpentier explaining with an example in her hands

Patricia Charpentier, writer and instructor, shared tips and examples from her book, Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life  —  One Bite at a Time Sure some people are easy to write about, but what about all the others.  If we include them in our family tree, we should be able to write them into our family history.  We learned about some unique prospective to describe and details some of our more invisible people.  Patricia kept shooting ideas at us right up the end of meeting at noon.

For those who missed the meeting, you missed a positive experience.

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