29 November 2011

New Google Search Page

Google is upgrading the basic search again.

Please refer to the article and video in the following link:


If you have a gmail account (they are free), you can sign in, stay signed in, and Google creates a profile giving you more effective search results based on your interests.

25 November 2011

Google Effective Searches

Google search methods are always evolving with improved search methods. The attached link provides easy to understand approach to receive a more scholarly search.

75% of college students are not getting effective search results and this diagram is created to improve their understanding.


Try it out. I think you will find rewarding results.

It is time to think different.

21 November 2011

1940 U.S. Census

A November 17th press release from the National Archives revealed that the Inflection Company has been selected to setup a website to allow free access to the 1940 U.S. Census.

Initially there will not be an index to the census, but a National Archives webpage lists several resource for find people in the census.

Check the two above links for information.

17 November 2011

State Research, Genealogy Seminars and the CCC

Everyday Genealogy: State Research, Genealogy Seminars and the CCC: Sorry for not blogging for the last 10 days! Last week was the Florida State Genealogical Conference and my genealogy blogging buddy Pam a...

12 November 2011

National Listening Day, Nov 25, 2011

November 25, 2011 is the National Listening Day. This will be a time to listen to your elders or friends when they tell their stories at the holiday gathering. You can find more about this method by going to www.StoryCorps.org

Preserve your story for future generations. Several methods were discussed at today's PCGS meeting.

To get the handouts

Good to see everyone today.
For those who might want to see the 16 ways to leave a Legacy that I was referring to at todays meeting, please go here

Thank you for coming to our meeting.

02 November 2011

WPA, Public Libraries & Guy Fawkes Day

Everyday Genealogy: WPA, Public Libraries & Guy Fawkes Day: I have spent the last month under the weather and unable to concentrate for long period of time. That may be a bad combination for writing m...