28 September 2011

Old Canadian Newspapers are Online

Canada's Library and Archives has an Online virtual library of historical newspapers. The earliest dates to 1808.

The website, Newspapers: Discover the Collection, <http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/newspapers/index-e.html>, is in French and English.  The website is free.

Old Spanish Newspapers are Online

Spain's Ministry of Culture has an Online virtual library of Historical Newspapers.  The earliest dates back to 1777.

The website, Biblioteca Virtual de Prensa Histórica, <http://prensahistorica.mcu.es>, is of course in Spanish or one of the provincial languages.  The website is free.

26 September 2011

Gold Star Mothers, Rootsweb Mailing Lists and Mili...

Everyday Genealogy: Gold Star Mothers, Rootsweb Mailing Lists and Mili...: This week's tips and hints are an eclectic group. I am never sure when I start my weekly blog if I am going to follow the week as laid out i...

21 September 2011

Passports, Land Patents and Online Classes

Everyday Genealogy: Passports, Land Patents and Online Classes: I always get excited when I have email from Facebook , Ancestry , Rootsweb or Findagrave . One way or another I know that I am going to be ...

14 September 2011

Contribute! Family History Archives & New Horizons...

Everyday Genealogy: Contribute! Family History Archives & New Horizons...: I will always remember where I was when President John F. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated. I also remember watching each of ...

11 September 2011

Use Google Docs to Translate PDFs

Have you been stymied in your genealogy research by documents in a language that you can't translate?  There is free help out there for you.

Google's Translate <http://translate.google.com> is an easy translator, if your document, file, text, or website isn't to big.

Now Google's Docs, <docs.google.com> can be used to handle larger documents and files even pdf-s.  The Lifehacker Blog has the details in the Clever User Posting: Use Google Docs to Translate PDFs, <http://lifehacker.com/5839079/use-google-docs-to-translate-pdfs>

Realize it isn't perfect and may need your retouching of the appearance.  And the pictures and images aren't translated.

I had a 31-page pdf document in Spanish about chromosomes (cromosoma) that I wanted to see in English.  It worked, but the figures remained in Spanish, outlines (lists) required reformatting, and the translation was good (not perfect.)

If your try Google to translate things, please comment.

10 September 2011

Yes, PCGS has a BLOG!

Today, September 10th, Tom Santa Cruz presented information about Blogs and how to post to the PCGS Blog.

Click, HERE to find the handout for the presentation.

An update:
This week (September 11, 2011)  Michael John Neill's "Tip of the Day" Blog has been promoting blogging and especially starting your own blogs.

09 September 2011

Michael Hart - Project Gutenberg Founder - died September 6th

Michael Hart began Project Gutenberg in 1971 by digital saving a copy of the Declaration of Independence on the University of Illinois main frame for all users to access.  Michael Hart is also credited with inventing the ebook.

Project Gutenberg is a digital textual collection of human literature and writings that are outside copyright protections that are available to anyone with Internet access. [This is my definition, likely less than perfect.]  Project  Gutenberg has inspired others to collect digitally books (in text and as images) for Internet access. Google Books and the Internet Archive are familiar examples.

Genealogically these collections are treasures not to be ignored.  Maybe an ancestor was an author or maybe the ancestor is mentioned in a book or manuscript.  These citation may not always be the birth, death or marriage records, but still key to establishing the ancestor existence at a time and place.

For more about Michael Hart and Project Gutenberg, just use your favorite search engine to find more details.

Michael Hart did good and others have followed his example.

08 September 2011

Wikis, British-Canadian Research and Labor Day

Everyday Genealogy: Wikis, British-Canadian Research and Labor Day: I have just returned from vacation on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota. The weather was beautiful and I actually caught a fish! The unusual part...

02 September 2011

Epson Combines Genealogy & Scrapbooking

Epson's Creative Zone is this month featuring project possibilities of combining Genealogy and Scrapbooking, Project #223: Ancestry.com Scrapbook Pages & Patterned Pages.

Epson has monthly projects for using  an Epson printer to make grand-personalized decoration.  Epson would like you to use their band or printer and they will sell you supplies by mail, but your color printer and supplies from the local office supply shop will do.

There are included on the project page downloads the thematic genealogical backgrounds.  These graphics could be used to promote a family reunion, decorate a package containing your genealogical research that you want to share with a family member.

This project is great for the artistically handicapped, and just a starting point for the artsy-crafty folks.

01 September 2011

Upcoming September Meeting September 10, 2011

It's September and Pasco County Genealogical Society will resume our monthly meetings following our summer break. Our next meeting is on Saturday, September 10, 2011. Please mark your calendars and join us from 10 am to noon. If you know someone who is interested in genealogy, please invite them to join us. We welcome returning members and guests to join us.
Thomas D Santa Cruz will be presenting information on blogs and blogging in genealogy. Some of the questions that he will answer are: What is a blog? How does a blog differ from a website? How can I blog on a genealog website? Please join us to find answers to these questions and more!
Location: PCGS meets at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 9016 Fort King Road (State Road 41) at the intersection of Bailey Hill Road. This is on Ft King Road midway between Clinton Avenue, Dade City and Daughtery Road, Zephyrhills
Look forward to seeing everyone! Linda
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