31 May 2011

PCGS - Facebook connection

Search for "Pasco County Genealogical Society" on Facebook and you will find that PCGS has a Facebook page. This does not replace our primary website on Rootsweb, but is merely a supplemental resource for member input and sharing. It can be used or not, as you see fit. Post or write suggestions and information that you want to share with others, or make comments on other member's posts. It can be conversational, yet remains available to other members to read and comment on. Lets share our experience!
Our Facebook (FB) page can also serve as a supplemental resource for society information, genealogy links, and to share photos. You can have the ability to keep up with genealogy events, meetings, and Genealogy Journey adventures. Individually you can also post this type of information to share with others.
Please check it out and give us feedback and suggestions, or you may contact us at:

30 May 2011

Memorial Day - Research, Memories and the Younger ...

Everyday Genealogy: Memorial Day - Research, Memories and the Younger ...: "Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was established on May 5, 1868 by General John Logan. The first celebration of Decorat..."

27 May 2011

A Box of Old Pictures, Chicago Dogs and Evergreen ...

Pack Peddler's Place: A Box of Old Pictures, Chicago Dogs and Evergreen ...: "A Research Trip Home Last week I made a trip home to Illinois. While my ancestors came from the northwest suburb of Barrington, I grew up ..."

25 May 2011

South Carolina, Joe Beine's Death Indexes and Word...

Everyday Genealogy: South Carolina, Joe Beine's Death Indexes and Word...: "South Carolina Research If you have ancestors in 'the Carolinas' it is important to know that North and South Carolina split into separate..."

20 May 2011

Google to Stop Scanning Searchable Old Newspapers

Back in 31 Oct 2008, I added a post, Free Search View of Old Newspapers. This week in the Boston Phoenix blog there was a post: Google abandons master-plan to archive the world's newspapers. Google will continue to search existing scanned old newspapers, but will not be adding additional newspapers.

The post reports that Google will be shutting down its program for scanning, and applying OCR software to allow for text searches. The report suggests Google's reason for ending the program because it is more expense than planned for or there have been insufficient searches to warrant the expense.

I suggest both reasons are good, but old newspapers have data searching issues. The print can bleed through, the font-type and size often vary on the same page, and commercial advertisement are included in the searches. So searches often miss items or collect false positives. This is true of other old newspaper searches besides Google.

Over the past few years I have found family stories and events using the Google newspaper search.

Don't worry that Google will be deleting what has been scanned, just no more newspapers will be processed.

19 May 2011

Uncle Gus was 'In the Navy' - But Which Navy?

Everyday Genealogy: Uncle Gus was 'In the Navy' - But Which Navy?: "A couple of years ago I started to do sideway research on my paternal side. My great grandmother had a brother (possibly a half brother) nam..."

18 May 2011

Watermarking Keeps Everybody Honest

Technology Tamers: Watermarking Keeps Everybody Honest: "A watermark is a word, phrase, or image that appears as a pale background behind text. Watermarks are frequently used when the author of a d..."

16 May 2011

eBooks, eReaders and Me - The Finale

Everyday Genealogy: eBooks, eReaders and Me - The Finale: "As many of you may already know I have a love/hate relationship with my eReader. I admit that instead of buying the Nook (which was black an..."

15 May 2011

New phone number for DCFHC

It was announced Saturday that the Dade City Family History Center has a new private phone number: 813-783-6092. Please change your phone listing for the library.

We are about to embark on our summer hours program and it would be wise to call ahead to make sure our family history center is open. Due to volunteers taking vacations, our Tuesday night session is being closed for the summer months of June, July and August.

We will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 pm - 5 pm for certain weeks thruout the summer. Usually, we will be closed the first week and the last week of each month of June, July, and August. A posting of openings and closures will be on the center's entry door. If you are in doubt about when we are closed, please give us a call.

We are pleased to announce, the Family History Center is offering free to the public, the ability to access popular research subscription sites such as Ancestry.com, Footnote, Godfrey, Heritage Quest, and others through their new Portal program. Our volunteers will be happy to show you how to access this new program so you can start on your genealogy research or climb over those brick walls.

11 May 2011

The Genealogist 'F' Word - FILE

Everyday Genealogy: The Genealogist 'F' Word - FILE: "The hunt for obituaries, vital records and family photos is the stuff that genealogists live for. The problem is that once found those recor..."

05 May 2011

Cinco De Mayo and Getting Started on Your Mexican ...

Everyday Genealogy: Cinco De Mayo and Getting Started on Your Mexican ...: "Cinco De Mayo has become a great day to enjoy mexican food and a variety of adult beverages. But, what exactly are we commemorating? Cinco..."

04 May 2011

Louisiana, Maryland and A Quick Trip Home

Everyday Genealogy: Louisiana, Maryland and A Quick Trip Home: "Louisiana April 30th marked Louisiana's anniversary of statehood. The year was 1812 but Louisana had their first census in 1810 when it wa..."