29 March 2011

Suppressing the Spell Checker

Technology Tamers: Suppressing the Spell Checker: "When genealogists transcribe old documents, the spelling and grammar can sometimes be questionable at best. We are told to stay true to the ..."

26 March 2011

Take a Break with The Genealogy Guys

Everyday Genealogy: Take a Break with The Genealogy Guys: "Sometimes genealogy research can be overwhelming. There are so many websites to visit, sources to cite and county histories to read you just..."

23 March 2011

Newspaper Research and Your Female Ancestors

Everyday Genealogy: Newspaper Research and Your Female Ancestors: "Researching your grandmothers, aunts and other female relatives can drive a person to drink, or in my case chocolate. First you have to be a..."

22 March 2011

Catching Up - Maine, Vermont and Wisconsin's Histo...

Everyday Genealogy: Catching Up - Maine, Vermont and Wisconsin's Histo...: "1st Day of Spring Spring is here and so it's time to start thinking of gardening, cleaning and long rides(bike or car). For those of you i..."

19 March 2011

New Search Engine Mocavo.com


Free Genealogy Search Engine

Mocavo.com, the world's largest free genealogy search engine, launched Wednesday, providing family historians access to free genealogy content on the web.

Read about the new search engine on the Genealogy Insider blog

17 March 2011

Corned Beef, A Green River and Irish Research

Everyday Genealogy: Corned Beef, A Green River and Irish Research: "Corned Beef, Parades, Green Beer - how could someone not love St. Patrick's Day? Growing up outside of Chicago St. Patrick's Day was a big d..."

16 March 2011

Genealogy Journeys

PCGS is going to start taking some genealogy journeys throughout central Florida. We want to visit genealogical and historical societies and libraries. We are compiling a list of possible destinations and would like to make sure that your interests are included.
If you have a particular place in mind, please let us know. Leave a comment here or email us at ContactPCGS@gmail.com

2.7 Million Texts - FREE online

Internet Archive

A great place to find old or out of print books. Currently 2.7 million texts available with links to other online book collections. I use this site to find local/town histories, biographical sketches and hard to find books. Often if I find a book referenced that is noted as archived or in a special collection at a library, I can find it here. One of my sledge hammers for the brick wall.


15 March 2011

Genlighten and Obituaries

Everyday Genealogy: Genlighten and Obituaries: "Posted by Pam Treme - My McKee Family Tree As the editor of Florida Lines (FSGS newsletter), I try to keep abreast of anything new that dev..."

10 March 2011

Researching Census Records

Have you searched the census records and can't find your ancestors?
Why can't you find the place your ancestors were counted? Maybe some of
these questions might be answered with our Presenter George Varney's
presentation on Saturday along with more tips on researching the census records.

George will be highlighting the 1790 census to the present 1940 (which is due
to be released to the public next year) giving valuable tips on the clues each census will give
to the researcher. There is much more to the census records than just
names and places of residence.

"The Proof is In the Pudding" will be presented by Virginia Britten before the
break. This will deal with the proper methods of documenting your

The Boy Scout Troop led by Raymond Morris will be here as our guests
this month. They are completing their genealogy badge. On February 22,
they visited the Dade City Family History Center for an introduction
of the badge's requirements.

The Meeting will be at 10 AM til 12 Noon on Saturday, March 12, 2011, held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 9016 Ft. King Road, Dade City, Florida. The meeting is open to all persons interested in Genealogy.

09 March 2011

Just Say 'Yes' to Joining a Genealogy Society!

Everyday Genealogy: Just Say 'Yes' to Joining a Genealogy Society!: "One of the great things about joining a Genealogy Society is that none of the members will groan or ask the question 'Why are you so interes..."

07 March 2011

Celebrate Your Louisiana Heritage - It's Mardi Gra...

Everyday Genealogy: Celebrate Your Louisiana Heritage - It's Mardi Gra...: "Mardi Gras is Tuesday and a time for celebrating. Mardi Gras is such a part of Louisiana that it was declared a state holiday in 1875. Wer..."

02 March 2011

Family Reunions Then and Now Using FindaGrave.com

Everyday Genealogy: Family Reunions Then and Now Using FindaGrave.com: "Grandma's Family Picnics If my grandmother, Florence Schwemm Pahlke, was alive she would be the family genealogist. Grandma was the center ..."

01 March 2011

Angel Island - West Coast Immigration Station

Everyday Genealogy: Angel Island - West Coast Immigration Station: "The majority of my ancestors came to the United States before Ellis Island and Castle Garden were the gateway for European immigrants. While..."