11 September 2011

Use Google Docs to Translate PDFs

Have you been stymied in your genealogy research by documents in a language that you can't translate?  There is free help out there for you.

Google's Translate <http://translate.google.com> is an easy translator, if your document, file, text, or website isn't to big.

Now Google's Docs, <docs.google.com> can be used to handle larger documents and files even pdf-s.  The Lifehacker Blog has the details in the Clever User Posting: Use Google Docs to Translate PDFs, <http://lifehacker.com/5839079/use-google-docs-to-translate-pdfs>

Realize it isn't perfect and may need your retouching of the appearance.  And the pictures and images aren't translated.

I had a 31-page pdf document in Spanish about chromosomes (cromosoma) that I wanted to see in English.  It worked, but the figures remained in Spanish, outlines (lists) required reformatting, and the translation was good (not perfect.)

If your try Google to translate things, please comment.

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