09 September 2011

Michael Hart - Project Gutenberg Founder - died September 6th

Michael Hart began Project Gutenberg in 1971 by digital saving a copy of the Declaration of Independence on the University of Illinois main frame for all users to access.  Michael Hart is also credited with inventing the ebook.

Project Gutenberg is a digital textual collection of human literature and writings that are outside copyright protections that are available to anyone with Internet access. [This is my definition, likely less than perfect.]  Project  Gutenberg has inspired others to collect digitally books (in text and as images) for Internet access. Google Books and the Internet Archive are familiar examples.

Genealogically these collections are treasures not to be ignored.  Maybe an ancestor was an author or maybe the ancestor is mentioned in a book or manuscript.  These citation may not always be the birth, death or marriage records, but still key to establishing the ancestor existence at a time and place.

For more about Michael Hart and Project Gutenberg, just use your favorite search engine to find more details.

Michael Hart did good and others have followed his example.

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