02 September 2011

Epson Combines Genealogy & Scrapbooking

Epson's Creative Zone is this month featuring project possibilities of combining Genealogy and Scrapbooking, Project #223: Ancestry.com Scrapbook Pages & Patterned Pages.

Epson has monthly projects for using  an Epson printer to make grand-personalized decoration.  Epson would like you to use their band or printer and they will sell you supplies by mail, but your color printer and supplies from the local office supply shop will do.

There are included on the project page downloads the thematic genealogical backgrounds.  These graphics could be used to promote a family reunion, decorate a package containing your genealogical research that you want to share with a family member.

This project is great for the artistically handicapped, and just a starting point for the artsy-crafty folks.

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