31 May 2011

PCGS - Facebook connection

Search for "Pasco County Genealogical Society" on Facebook and you will find that PCGS has a Facebook page. This does not replace our primary website on Rootsweb, but is merely a supplemental resource for member input and sharing. It can be used or not, as you see fit. Post or write suggestions and information that you want to share with others, or make comments on other member's posts. It can be conversational, yet remains available to other members to read and comment on. Lets share our experience!
Our Facebook (FB) page can also serve as a supplemental resource for society information, genealogy links, and to share photos. You can have the ability to keep up with genealogy events, meetings, and Genealogy Journey adventures. Individually you can also post this type of information to share with others.
Please check it out and give us feedback and suggestions, or you may contact us at:

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