10 March 2011

Researching Census Records

Have you searched the census records and can't find your ancestors?
Why can't you find the place your ancestors were counted? Maybe some of
these questions might be answered with our Presenter George Varney's
presentation on Saturday along with more tips on researching the census records.

George will be highlighting the 1790 census to the present 1940 (which is due
to be released to the public next year) giving valuable tips on the clues each census will give
to the researcher. There is much more to the census records than just
names and places of residence.

"The Proof is In the Pudding" will be presented by Virginia Britten before the
break. This will deal with the proper methods of documenting your

The Boy Scout Troop led by Raymond Morris will be here as our guests
this month. They are completing their genealogy badge. On February 22,
they visited the Dade City Family History Center for an introduction
of the badge's requirements.

The Meeting will be at 10 AM til 12 Noon on Saturday, March 12, 2011, held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 9016 Ft. King Road, Dade City, Florida. The meeting is open to all persons interested in Genealogy.

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