28 December 2010

Name Tags - What Would Emily Post Say?

Everyday Genealogy: Name Tags - What Would Emily Post Say?: "Name tags, something so basic but so elusive. I had vowed after my mother-in-law's family reunion 2 years ago I would never attend another f..."

21 December 2010

Sideways Research for People and Places

Everyday Genealogy: Sideways Research for People and Places: "Genealogy Glossary Sideways Research: Investigating your ancestors' brothers, sisters and extended families. This is the tip of the day ..."

17 December 2010

Christmas Cards and Family Newsletters - Find Them...

Everyday Genealogy: Christmas Cards and Family Newsletters - Find Them...: "There are times when research help is literally at our finger tips or at least sitting in a box or closet. My mailbox is filling up more a..."

15 December 2010

Ice Storms, Snow Storms and the Next Generation of Genealogists

I remember the winters growing up in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago as if they were yesterday. Ice storms, snowstorms and those beloved snow days.

WGN TV and radio would let everyone know if their school was closed. Ray Raynor would read the list of schools that were closed since there was 'scroll' at the bottom of the screen. And if it was in December we might be treated to "Hardrock, Coco and Joe".

Passing these stories on to your children or grandchildren is a way to help bring them into the world of genealogy. They might be surprised to find out that television was only in black and white "way back then".

Getting the next generation involved in genealogy is a topic highlighted in Everyday Genealogy - the Desk Calendar.

Visit: http://www.everydaygenealogy.com

12 December 2010

Everyday Genealogy: Enter to Win a FREE Everyday Genealogy Calendar

Everyday Genealogy: Enter to Win a FREE Everyday Genealogy Calendar: "Suburban Woman is giving away 3 Everyday Genealogy Calendars for just posting a comment to their blog! You must post your comment by Decemb..."

09 December 2010

New Year's Resolutions for Genealogists

Everyday Genealogy: New Year's Resolutions for Genealogists: "Do you make New Year's resolutions? How many times have you resolved to quit smoking, start a diet or join a gym? How many times have you k..."

08 December 2010


Please mark your calendar that this Saturday, December 11, 2010, Pasco County Genealogical Society will be meeting at 10 AM.

James Mason Fritz will speak on the "Benefits of Using Facebook in Genealogy" applications. He will present his method of using Facebook, the social network, to communicate with his "Friends".

Louie Holt will be speaking on the use of Explorer and folder filing methods for the short computer tips session before the break.

The annual elections will be held at this meeting, also.
Please plan to join us at 10 AM til noon for our annual meeting at 9016 Fort King Road, Dade City, Florida.
Guests are welcome to attend.

07 December 2010

My Wish List for the Holidays: Bluetooth, a Heat L...

Pack Peddler's Place: My Wish List for the Holidays: Bluetooth, a Heat L...: "The holidays are here and everyone is busy making their lists and checking them twice. I make it even more difficult for family and friends ..."

04 December 2010

Mailing Lists, Facebook and Farmville - Taking Inventory of Your Research Toolbox

This week a mailing list I subscribe to had an interesting discussion: Does Facebook have a place in genealogy research? The response from the subscribers on the list surprised me. While I expected some people not to be interested in Facebook I was surprised that some found little to no value in what Facebook had to offer.

While Facebook will never replace 'boots on the ground' research it does offer the people doing family research a chance to connect with LIVING people. Sometimes I think that genealogists forget that searching and finding living people can be just as important as finding their ancestors.

Using Facebook or any other social networking platform allows genealogists to reconnect with their immediate family and find distant cousins. I have reconnected with many first cousins that I have not seen for over 40 years. I have also 'met' second and third cousins who have helped me round out family stories and identify people in family pictures.

Will Facebook replace Rootsweb, Ancestry.Com or FootNote? No, but it does allow us to draw people in who do not consider themselves genealogists, but may have information and artifacts that may enhance or jumpstart our research.

Think about it - do you know where that family bible is that you have always heard about... It could be in the attic of a distant relative who could care less about genealogy, but loves playing Farmville.

For additional hints and tips check out my 2011 Genealogy Calendar - Everyday Genealogy @ http://www.everydaygenealogy.com. If you use the promo code BLOG shipping will be FREE!