19 April 2010

Death of the Newspaper Obits

The price of obituary notices continues to climb. The cost of dying is expensive and an obit is nice, but not necessary. If this keeps up maybe I will leave just a list of who to invite in my paperwork along with where and how information.

This topic has been brought up by non-genealogist on a blog called "Reflections of a Newsosaur" after the San Francisco Chronicle charged $450 for a 182-word one-run death notice. Check out, Death-notice price gouging: Why? and read the comments too.

On another blog, "Poynter Online" there is a recent posting, Reviving Obituaries, Death Notices Before it's Too Late. Yes some people subscribe to the newspaper just to read the obits to see if anyone they knew died. In this posting the new practice of using Legacy.com is brought up.

My negative experience with obits I had laid on the funeral home. Please, add your comment on your experiences with obits.

Are obits going to disappear or move to a different media?

15 April 2010

Florida Pioneer Descendant Workshop - June 5, 2010

This information is from "The Florida Genealogist" a publication of the Florida State Genealogical Society:

Ann Bergelt and Anza Blast, members of the Pioneer Committee of the Florida State Genealogical Society, will be conducting a workshop at the Osceola Historical Society on the Florida Pioneer Descendant application process.

The program will be held in a workshop format for those who are interested in qualifying to receive a certificate from the FSGS. To establish yourself as a Florida Pioneer Descendant, an individual must prove that his or her ancestor resided in the state of Florida prior to statehood in 1845 or in an individual county before it was established.

There is a $5.00 registration fee and you must pre-register for the workshop. You can either download the workbook from the Society website: http://www.flsgs.org website or purchase a copy at the workshop for $5.00

For more information contact the Osceola Historical Society at 407-396-8644 or mail a check payable to the society to the address below:

Osceola Historical Society 750 N. Bass Road Kissimmee, Florida 34746

07 April 2010

Importance of Lineage Societies in Genealogy Research and Preservation

Welcome to our April meeting highlighting lineage societies and the importance of them. Come to our meeting and learn what a lineage society is and what the requirements for membership are and how to apply. Certain ones will be highlighted by our PCGS members who belong and you will be given instructions on how to find others that you might meet the qualifications.

PCGS members who will be speaking are:
  • Virginia Abbey - Mayflower Society
  • Tom Santa Cruz - Los Floridanos
  • James Fritz - Sons of American Revolution and Sons of Revolutions
  • George Varney- Parmenter Family Association
  • Reggie Thompson- Nickerson Family Society
  • Virginia Britten - Little known lineage societies

The meeting is scheduled 10 am to 12 noon April 10th, 2010, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints located at 9016 Fort King Road, Dade City, Florida. The public is invited.

This will be the 16th birthday celebration of PCGS.