10 July 2010

No more Britain census??

This is really going to change how people are counted. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the census. I have not been counted in the 2000 or 2010 census-didn't get a form or a visit. I imagine the United States will follow Britain's lead at some point. It is a really expensive procedure to count people. How will be counted by the government in the future? It does help determine an appropriate level of services in our community.

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  1. Because you have a P.O. Box address is the reason you were not counted. The fire station of the town you live in was the place to pick up census forms and many people did do that. Why you were not aware of that is beyond me. Your town posted the highest amount of people who turned in a census count. It was highlighted in the paper.
    However, I really do think it is a sham on how the census was handled this year. A pure waste of tax payer's money. I have spoken to 5 census workers and I turned in the form the day I received it. Then, received followup calls and personal visits by people checking up on the prior workers I spoke with. They came to my house 4 times. They got paid $11.00 per hour and $.50 per mile for visit. Mine should have been the one house they would not have had to verify. Look at the money they wasted.
    I live in a park, and instead of asking one worker to survey all the homes, they assigned five different workers to survey our 48 homes. That means, more mileage, more days of visiting, more money wasted.
    And the seasonal people were here on April 1 and many of them said, I will fill it out at home because I don't "live" here. Dudh, they can't follow instructions?
    So I have answered at least 4 survey workers questions on when did these neighbors did leave? One lot was vacant, and a worker still had to ask was there anyone there April 1? I said no, it has been gone for two years.
    One survey worker said people are starting to get mad at the system, but they enjoyed getting all the extra money for "doing their job".
    It is a scam, this year.
    It may have been in the past and I didn't notice it, but this year, the Government Census office should be ashamed at how they have handled the census.
    Why not grid off an area into neighborhood blocks of 10 acres and let a person who lives there count their neighbors. No mileage, not many hours of pay needed. I could have done 48 homes in two days.
    Talk about a scam.