01 May 2010

USF Special Collections - In Person or Online

If you are looking for a new site to explore or your next library adventure be sure to check out the University of South Florida Special Collections!

Whether you are researching your Florida roots, need guidance on how to conduct a digital interview or are in need of background information on a given period in history this site (and library) should be on your short list.

Among their holdings are: records and artwork from the Tampa cigar industry; access to the Shoah Foundation Collection and to other materials in the USF Libraries Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center materials; the Floridiana Collection; Hillsborough County Marriage Indexes and Certificates; Naturalization Records; funeral home records from Boza, Blount & Curry, and other funeral homes; records of Ybor City immigrant mutual aid societies and clubs in the Tampa area; and an enormous collection of American Children's Literature.

Check out their site - you never know what you may find!



  1. What is the best way to park your car for a days stay researching in the USF Library?

  2. I'm not sure, we were there on a Saturday and used Pam's handicap sticker so we had no problem parking.

    You might email the Special Collections folks and ask them. They are very accomadating to visitors and would probably be able to help you.

    Their email and phone number are on the website.

  3. Tom,
    The special collections librarian did say the best time to come was during the summer when the parking is better. She also said not to come at the beginning of the school year or near the end. You could have parked anywhere on Sat because classes are over and there was a lot of parking available.