12 January 2010

Yesterdays Journey

During the presentation at the January 2010 membership meeting, most of the attendees raised their hands to the query of English ancestry. So the following might interest many of you.

I came across this website, Yesterdays Journey «homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~spire/Yesterday/index.htm», via a mailing list that I subscribe. It is certainly English and deals with documents that the more common folk might be listed. Stealing from the first two paragraphs of the information page might make you curious enough to check it out yourself:

Yesterdays Journey is a compilation of available sources concerning Settlement Examinations, Settlement Certificates, Removal Orders, Bastardy and Apprenticeship Indentures, documents that reveal our ancestors brush with Officialdom. It will be added to over the months.

These documents can add flesh to bones, but more importantly give clues to where ancestors were "hiding" between known details. Some are more informative than others, but all will add substance to your family tree.

If you find this useful, please add your comments so that others might be encouraged.

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