13 January 2010

Refreshed Pasco GenWeb Site

Have you noticed that the USGenWeb site for Pasco County has been brought up to date and new items added?

It is Pasco County, a FLGenWeb Project, Inc.

Peggy McSwain is the new coordinator. She is looking for support to make the site interesting and useful. One thing she could use are pictures of some of the cemeteries for the cemetery page.

So if you haven't check on this website recently, may be you should.


  1. Always open for new material- Doing my best for the FLGenWeb Project,Inc Pasco Co. site- working hard to rebuild-
    Thank you
    Peggy McSwain

  2. I am still open to any and all the help I can get- I have changed the look to some extent and working on more info. I have added a few photos I took my self-One cemetery is of the Tucker Family line- If anyone has info on any of the people buried there I would welcome the info.
    Thank you all so very much.
    Peggy-CC of the Pasco Co.,FLGenWeb Project,Inc. site.