31 October 2009

Another Local Graveyard Story

On Thursday, October 29, 2009 in the Tampa Tribune on page 8 in the Metro section there is a story, Body, skull maybe reunited. The next day another news story ran in the newspaper on the front page, After 20 years, skull at rest.

The story involves the Royal Palms Cemetery in Pinellas County (one of our neighboring counties), gravediggers, USF anthropologists, family member, sheriff's officers and more.

This story may become part of some novelists fiction in the future.

There have been other stories concerning graveyards in the Tampa Bay area in recent months. Most have not involved disrespect, but quite the opposite. The earlier blog mentions are about attempts to identify individuals in unmarked grave.

21 October 2009

Native American Art Exhibit

A number of our society's member claim Native American heritage. Several from tribes that no longer exist.

At the Dale Mabry Campus Art Gallery the is an exhibit Native American Inter-Tribal Art that features "Florida's Lost Tribes."

The paintings are by Theodore Morris and the portrayals have been researched to be as authentic as possible.

The campus is in Tampa across Dale Mabry from Raymond James Stadium. The address is 4001 Tampa Bay Blvd. on the 2nd Floor of the Library Building. The exhibit will remain open until December 5 with hours Monday-Thursday 10 am - 7 pm and Friday-Saturday 10 am-2 pm.

An url was provided: http//www.floridalosttribes.com/artist.htm

17 October 2009

More Graves News

According to a Tampa Tribune article of 17 Oct 2009 titled, Sumter County votes against Relocating Black Cemetery. As the county investigated this graveyard they discovered at least 70 graves with the oldest dating to 1888. This is in the Lake Panasoffkee area. (Sumter County borders Pasco County to the northeast.)

Was this another boom community that quickly died out after Florida's the Great Freeze and Bust? Pasco was peppered with a number of them as well.

Here history is coming out ahead of progress.

04 October 2009

Florida State Genealogical Society Conference Update

As announced earlier on this blog the conference, Florida State Genealogical Society Conference for 2009, will take place in Melbourne on November 13-14.

The Florida State Genealogy Society has posted a Speaking schedule for all speakers and topics. Most topics are beyond strictly Florida interests.

Check out the highlighted links above.