18 August 2009

Florida Digital Newspaper Library

There is a collection of old Florida newspapers that we can search and read on our own computer screens and even print out what we find.

Scott Black brought this website to my attention.

The Florida Digital Newspaper Library «www.uflib.ufl.edu/UFDC/?c=fdnl1&m=hhh» is just a click away.

There are hundreds of newspapers here and there is a search engine. The problem is the collections are incomplete and the search engine has difficult read the text in the images.

If you know something happened in a specific area on a specific date, now you can look for a newspaper in that area that the collection has issues covering that date. Plus you can do it from your home computer or worse the local library's computer.

CHALLENGE TO SOCIETY MEMBERS FROM OTHER STATES: Where are the collections in the other states? Please share! Send it as a comment so others will know.

15 August 2009

The Ledger Newspaper of Lakeland is Google Searchable

The Ledger, Lakeland's daily newspaper is searchable online back to November 1971 on Google.

Back on June 30, 2009 TheLedger.com's Blog, Whats New Online, there is a posting with how-to directions: More Ledger Archives Searchable Online «whatsnewonline.theledger.com/default.asp?item=2395426».

The Ledger covers all of Polk County and beyond. (This is not to say there are other newspapers in Polk County as well.) For those researching family in eastern Pasco County, you have another resource at your fingertips.

Florida Baptist Historical Society

If you have Florida Baptist in your family tree, the Florida Baptist Historical Society «www.floridabaptisthistory.net/» might have information that interests you. The website has biographies and histories that are available online for free. Copies of their journal and newsletter are online too.

I learned of this website by talking to a lady at the library who is researching the history of the Richland Baptist Church. The church will be 125 years old soon. Richland is a settlement along County Road 35 (the Old Lakeland Highway) between Dade City and Zephyrhills.

Do other denominations have similar organizations and websites? Please share your information as a comment.

13 August 2009

Blogging and Family History

The Ancestry Insider posted a link that includes lots of links to articles that discuss blogging and family history. If you were thinking about creating a family blog, you may want to see what other have been doing. Here's the address


11 August 2009

Can Face Recognition Software Help

There has been some online discussion about Face Recognition Software for genealogical use. But it has involved software that is not available to most of us. The Genealogy Guys even talked about it on one of their recent Podcasts.

The Ancestry Search Blog has a report on How Google Picasa Face Recognition Software Can Help Genealogists. Google Picasa is another one of those free Google products. All the directions are given in this Ancestry Seach Blog posting.

If you try this, please share what you find. Add comments here or create a new post.

07 August 2009

Cracker Culture

On August 6th, the East Hillsborough Historical Society in Plant City invited Miles Hampton Plowden III to speak about his new book, Crackers in the Scrub.

The presentation was informative and entertaining. Mr. Plowden spoke of his Florida heritage in the Lake Wales area. He spoke about how he came to write the book, his interests in history, and his unique opportunities to learn it first and second hand. He had stories about his family coming to and settling in Central Florida.

The book is historical fiction. The names have been changed so that no one is offended «that is southern». The time setting is 1890-1900, but he does create setup the time with a history of what went before.

After Mr. Plowden introduced his book, he had a show and tell with whips, lasso, spurs and cowboy things.

He has a few more books coming out. One is about women in this cowboy setting. another about the birth of the Lake Wales airport.

There was a Mr. Herrman of PC there asking for his brother of San Antonio about a presentation up our way. I suggest if you are interested check the newspapers.

It is too bad that there isn't a Special Interest Group (SIG) in the Pasco County Genealogical Society for those interested in Florida and Southern U.S. matters.