11 November 2009

Look at this Blog, it is Wonderful

The topic of blogging comes up now and then on this BLOG. I do read other blogs as well for my interests and seeing what else this BLOG might do.

While I was helping in the FHC/PCGS Library, one of the PCGS member came in to print pages from a blog that was about where she was from and it included families see was descendant from.

I welcome, rather challenge, you to look around this blog. Click here! Look down the left-hand column and peek at some of the families and places and topics.

You may not be from there. But is there a resource like this for where you are from? Do you know others from your "back there" who might like to make your own version of this blog? Do you find this blog friendly?

Maybe you should ask for a workshop on how you can start your family blog.


  1. You are right - Orlando, West Virginia is a beautiful blog? I am going to add it to our blog roll over at GeneaBloggers - we are a free resource cite for people who want to start their own genealogy or family-history related blog.

  2. Beautiful photos and so much family information. Amazing.