17 October 2009

More Graves News

According to a Tampa Tribune article of 17 Oct 2009 titled, Sumter County votes against Relocating Black Cemetery. As the county investigated this graveyard they discovered at least 70 graves with the oldest dating to 1888. This is in the Lake Panasoffkee area. (Sumter County borders Pasco County to the northeast.)

Was this another boom community that quickly died out after Florida's the Great Freeze and Bust? Pasco was peppered with a number of them as well.

Here history is coming out ahead of progress.


  1. Great News. Thanks for updating us.

  2. I am glad they did not move it. I really don't think they ever get all the graves moved when they relocate a cemetery. It is very rare that a cemetery will have complete records and there are always unmarked graves.