27 September 2009

Research - a - Rama - FGS - TAMPA!

The Florida Genealogical Society (Tampa) will host a VERY special monthly meeting on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at the John F. Germany Library in downtown Tampa.

The event is to provide members of the society and the public with a day of GREAT presentations and insights into using the excellent genealogical databases AND the Genealogy and Local History collection of the library.

It will take place from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm in BOTH the auditorium on the 2-East and in the Genealogy and Local History collection located on 2-West, with concurrent activities in both areas.


There will be 4 presentations given in the auditorium during the day:

"Finding the Books You Want" - Presented by Drew Smith
" Using Ancestry Library Edition (Part 1)" - Presented by George G. Morgan
" Using Ancestry Library Edition (Part 2)" - Presented by George G. Morgan
"Online Newspaper Research" - Presented by Drew Smith

The auditorium will be set up with the library's training laptops. In addition, you can bring you own laptop and there will be power AND Wi-Fi Internet connectivity so that you can follow along in the presentations and gain hands-on experience.


The FGS Baord members and volunteers will provide two 1-hour period during the day when they will staff two tables. One session will be held in the morning and antoher in the afternoon as follows:

Table 1 - "How to get Started with genealogical research".
Table 2 - "Brick Wall Suggestions"

This is a great chance to spend an entire day not only reseraching, but getting tips and hints.

For more information either click on the title of the post or copy and past this link into your browser:


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