17 September 2009

From the Tampa Tribune: USF to help county identify buried paupers

USF to Help County Identify Buried Paupers, appeared in the 17 Sep 2009 issue, page 4A, of the Tampa Tribune.

No, this is not in Pasco County, but it is nearby and may provide some lessons learned.

The article is not specific other than only one location has been selected (not identified) and the USF participants are not identified.

If you find this interesting, don't comment here instead write to (or call) the reporter Lindsey Peterson and ask for continuing coverage.


  1. The Tampa Tribune is continuing with stories about this project. There is an article Paupers cemetery mystery tackled in the 19 Sep 2009 issue of the paper.

  2. Does Pasco have a pauper cemetery? They are forgotten people.

    The news article is interesting with what USF is doing but it seems like they are digging up and removing the markers. I hope they get all the graves identified.

  3. Yes, Pasco County has a pauper cemetery, The Tucker Cemetery on old County 35 outside of Richland, Fl. Or you can get to it from County Road 54 East that goes to Florida 98. Turn onto 35 N from 54.
    The Tucker family, early pioneers, had slaves and provided a cemetery for the family and the slaves on the other side of the plot. Then it became a burial place for paupers after a length of time. I believe it was turned over to the Pasco County for upkeep and to this day, paupers are still buried there. The markers are well worn and sometimes unmarked for many. I do not know if a survey has ever been done.