13 August 2009

Blogging and Family History

The Ancestry Insider posted a link that includes lots of links to articles that discuss blogging and family history. If you were thinking about creating a family blog, you may want to see what other have been doing. Here's the address


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  1. Pam, thanks for finding this for us.

    This posting is very interesting. It should leads people to see how easy to establish and use blogs can be. Blogs are a lot easier and simpler to update and maintain than a websites «I know».

    I had a daydream that our society could establish additional blogs through and for some of our committees.

    Say for our programs committee, announcements of future programs, bone fides of a speakers, after talk handouts, more info than would be allowed in a press release, and what else can we imagine. Since we do round tables and forums, a heads up of what is planned might encourage attendance. The membership’s comments could be a basis for future presentations since it is hard to judge what presentations interest the members.

    What about the publications committee, with the newsletter often the authors have more to write, they might have links to information, member comments could be helpful here too. When the cookbook comes out, here is the first place to advertise it. It could also be an additional place to post reminders of deadlines.

    Even a blog for our library committee, what new books and donations have arrived, what real treasury do already have, what might we want to add, changes in the library hours can be posted, and even a place to ask for volunteers.

    This is a suggestion and by no means includes of possibilities. I picked easy examples. Some committees may not be appropriate for blogging. The committees should be allowed great creative latitude to promote the societies goals.