03 June 2009

What about Archives?

Two archival issues have crossed my way in the past week that I would like to share. There is no specific point that I want to make yet.

First, I was on-the-road for a different reason , decided to stop by a regional archive to do some family history research. Because of time limitations I limited my research to obituaries that might appear in the local newspaper. I asked at the desk if I could view these old newspapers. I was told an 8x12 copy would be $2 and larger copies were more, but I had gone deaf at that point. They had digitized the old newspapers and wanted me to pay for it. I was ready to leave, but explained that I just wanted to see the microforms of the newspaper and after I promised not to turn on my computer or photograph anything, I would be allowed to view the microforms. I found some obits and didn't find others.

Second, I subscribe to MIT World, an online collection of video and audio presentation of significant public events at MIT (it is free.) Well this week their news brief highlighted, "Archives and History" that discusses archives and the future of archives (both dreams and nightmares.)

This should be a link to that video, I hope that you can see it.

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