31 August 2008

News from LDS

Did you know....... there are more than 18 times more data stored in the Granite Mountain vaults than is contained in the entire Library of Congress? According to Craig H. Miller, an engineer who is currently employed by the Church as a director of Memberships Needs who reported about this Tuesday at BYU Education week.

To read more about it go to the LDS NET Forums at http://www.lds.net/forums/family-history/13814-updates-byu-education-week.html

Our new library director and PCGS member, Suzanne Plasse, is telling me the church is trying to digitize all these records and in eight years they plan on having it all online for you to see. This is a major project and requires an "army of volunteers" to do all this work. Go to new.familysearch.org to read more about it. To view more of what Craig had to say about this project go to http://hughw36.blogspot.com/

I am pleased to hear about this venture. 

21 August 2008

Archival Pen Problem

I have learned that unlabeled photographs become increasingly mysterious with time. I know understand that some inks will cause problems with the photographs quality over time. So I purchased an archival quality pen, ZIG Memory Systems, Ball 5 mm. Archival, Pigment Ink - Photo Safe - Acid-Free - Waterproof - Archival Quality - Lightfast - Fade Proof - Non-bleeding. They forgot to warn me that it takes a long time to dry ( a half hour later, it is still smears.) It is also left-handed-writers problem.

I decided that photographs are already loaded with chemicals so I choose a different pen. I am using a Faber-Castell - PITT artist pen, Indian ink - waterproof - maximum light-fastness. It is fast drying.

Is anyone else got comments about archival supplies?

17 August 2008

Genealogy from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is offering a Genealogy Program on a fee-for-service program. [www.uscis.gov/genealogy]

The fees include:
  • Genealogy Index Search - $20
  • Copy of a File on Microfilm - $20
  • Copy of a Textual File Copy - $35.

This website has links to the necessary form and links to explanations of what resource the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has to offer.

News from England

According to the Guardian newspaper, the deal to digitize 250 million English birth and death records has collapsed with only about 130 million records digitized. To read more about this ongoing genealogy fiasco see:

Ancestry hunters stuck in past as web project fails

15 August 2008

Files from WWII OSS are secret no more

"Files from WWII Office of Strategic Services are secret no more" is the telling title from an August 15, 2008 article in the Los Angles Times. You may need to complete free registration with the newspaper to read the full article.

Hopefully, Footnote.com or another group will make these files easily accessible soon. They are full of names and stories. Many GIs were involve with the OSS. The backgrounds of some immigrating to the US after WWII may be there too.

Did you know Julia Child, the French Chef on TV, was a spy for the US?

Did you know that Sterling Hayden was an agent who parachuted into Nazi Croatia, before he became a crazy general in "Dr. Strangelove" or the bad cop in "the Godfather"?

14 August 2008

Using Maps in Genealogy

We have repeatedly been encouraged to use maps in our genealogical research. Well the USGS has a website, Using Maps in Genealogy, that further addresses this encouragement.

The website (http://erg.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/factsheets/fs09902.html) was last updated in 2006 and contains many useful links.

In Florida, the USGS maps are available free for download at the LABINS - Land Boundary Information System website (http://data.labins.org/2003/index.cfm).

If you know where to find free USGS maps for other States, please share your information as a quick comment.

03 August 2008

Newsletter Addendum: More Sources for Civil War Florida Records

No sooner does the newsletter go to press than additional information is revealed.

Fortunately, we have this BLOG where I can post this information.

The State Archives has produced an online guide called A Guide to Civil War Records at the State Archives of Florida. It is good, I wish I had it before I wrote the article. The guide highlights every specific families and topics. The history of the war is more important. If you are very lucky you might find correspondence by an ancestor or relative.

August 10th's Heritage Hunting by Sharon Tate Moody in the Tampa Tribune, is about Civil War Veterans. She offers National Archives link to Civil War Records.

There is a Florida Civil War Reenactor's Website. If you are rolling your eyes back, stop it. These guys are serious, most are descendant from a soldier, and they are walking-talking resources. A little over a year ago we had a reenactor speak at a meeting, it was impressive.