28 June 2008

Trace of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North

Trace of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North is a documentary movie by film maker, Katrina Browne. The movie was shown on P.O.V. If you miss it it will likely be in reruns soon enough. It is not a great movie.

Katrina traces her ancestry back to the Bristol, R. I. family of DeWolf, a giant on the slave-trading industry in U.S. History. She and nine fellow descendants explore their family history in Africa, Cuba, and the U.S. They find descendants of the slaves and the story becomes more interesting.

The recent book, Inheriting the Trade by Thomas Norman DeWolf, Katrina's cousin, covers their discoveries and adventures.

16 June 2008

Surname Variants

Sometimes our correct spelling of a surname yields no results. Chances are the index-er or the clerk or the census taker or an isolated family member or someone else has a new spell of the surname.

I had been using MyHeritage.com at http://www.myheritage.com/research?err=1 , by plugging in the surname in line "1" (ancestor's name), and apply the Megadex spelling. Then without making any other change click the submit. I would get some good and bad variants of the surname.

Now there is a free Windows program that does the same and simpler than my way. It was listed in Eastman's Online Genealogical Newsletter under the title, Surname Suggestion List at http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_genealogy/2008/06/surname-suggest.html .

Good Luck.

The TIMES Online

Sometimes it is interesting to see what was happening when there was a significant event in the life of one of our ancestor. Sometimes the ancestor is in the news.

It seems that 200 years worth a British newspaper call, The Times is online for searching and viewing. The period is 1785 to 1985.

The TIMES Online is at: http://archive.timesonline.co.uk/tol/archive/#

You will be asked to register.

You, Anglophiles, check this out and let the rest of us know what you think.

Click the word comment and sound off. If you are shy, make your comment anonymously.

12 June 2008

There is another Genealogy magazine for you

Discovering Family History is the name and the emphasis of this new magazine. Click the magazine's title for information. You can download a copy of the preview issue from the website and review the pricing as well. George Morgan is one of the authors of the this issue. He writes about using obituaries.

The magazine is published by the same folks as Internet Genealogy, the History Magazine and Family Chronicle.

Check out the free issue, there are several good article in it. There is a growing number of periodical covering topics of genealogy.