27 March 2008

What to Buy a Genealogist?

Everyone has a friend that is hard to buy for, mine is Pam. Every year I would rack my brain on the perfect gift. Pam has many interests; gardening, genealogy, butterflies and dance to name a few. Still, it was hard to find just the right gift because she seemed to have everything.

Inspiration struck when I was putting together a pencil box for my granddaughter for school. I was buying pencils, pens, markers, a ruler and a simple calculator. I suddenly had a case of déjà vu; these are all the items I carry with me when I do my genealogy research. They were also the items that Pam always borrowed.

Going through the check out line, it appeared I had two children starting school. I actually had one starting school and a friend who would now be armed with the tools to research and take notes without having to borrow mine!

14 March 2008

How busy is that website?

There is a lot information gathering that goes on online. One bit of information is the frequency that a website is visited.

This could be useful in determining whether or not you want to subscribe to a commercial website. Or if you leave a posting at a website how many visitors will have a chance to see it.

The website is called Compete at "compete.com" will let you know how often a domain is visited. A domain isn't a specific website, but the umbrella address that a website is housed on. Some examples would be Ancestry.com, Rootsweb.com, USGenWeb.org, GeneaNet.org, or Nehgs.org, but not Roosweb.com/~flpcgs.

Something else it does is compare "hits" on domains. This is an example of a comparison of Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com.

No genealogy can be found at Compete, it is just a tool for comparing web domains. Something that you could use.

13 March 2008

Pasco County Libraries - Inter-Library Loans

Do you use the Inter-Library loan service at any of the Pasco County Libraries? If so, please continue reading.

I was at my local library yesterday requesting a book from out of state. The librarian hesitated and said that she wasn't sure if that service was available any longer. While I stood there looking surprised, the librarian next to her said it would be available until the next budget year, which was October.

As my book request was being processed I asked if they could explain why this service was being discontinued. It seems that with the budget cuts coming to Pasco County, based on the property tax referendum that passed in January, the Pasco County Library System had to trim their budget. The librarian said it was the Inter-Library loan service or a reduction in jobs.

It is hard to know what else went into this decision but I thought I would post a message to let everyone know. I asked the librarian who I could write to and she suggested the County Comissioners.

I'm aware that Pasco County, like all counties and cities effected by these budget cuts, has hard decisions to make for the next year. It is just a shame that it effects a service that allows the sharing of books between Pasco County and the rest of the United States.

03 March 2008

PCGS March 8th Meeting - Posting Queries

“Posting Queries to Mailing Lists and Message Boards”

What if you posted a query and no one read it?

Or, worse, they read it and did not understand what you were looking for.

OR even worse yet, they were related and deleted it because they could not understand who you are looking for!

At the March meeting Pattie and Pam will walk you through the four “W’s” of writing (who, what, when, and where). They will give you examples of well written queries and share some really bad ones they have written!

Pam Treme and Pattie Schultz are local genealogists and have spoken at many societies in the Tampa Bay area. Their presentations are geared to help the average user feel more comfortable with today’s technology and make the most of their research time.

Mark your calendar for March 8th and also schedule some time on the 9th to start posting! your own queries!

The Pasco County Genealogical Society (PCGS) will conduct their monthly meeting on Saturday March 8, 2008 at 10:00 am at the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints at 9016 Fort King Road, Dade City, FL.

Visit our web site at http://www.rootsweb.com/~flpcgs for more information