22 November 2008

Europeana is Too Popular

Europeana is the new digital library of the European Union (EU). The New York Times article of November 22 titled, Europeana Goes Online and Is Then Overwhelmed discusses the surprised popularity of the website. This digital library is intended to focus on the cultural heritage of Europe, its people and nation states. This could be a boon for those researching European genealogies and family histories.

The October Newsletter had advertised the opening of the website on November 20. The Times article explains that the website received three times the web server's capacity and crashed. The article goes on to say that the European Commission will try again in a few weeks, undoubtedly with a larger server.

The newsletter had mentioned, as highlights, views into art museums like the Rijksmuseum, the Louvre and the Mauritshuis, the European Film Institute, and studies of medieval history studies in France. This overwhelming response may prompt more fascinating contributions to Europeana as well.

Lets hope Europeana.eu is up and operational soon.

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