15 October 2008

Oakside Cemetery on Zephyrhills

The Oakside Cemetery is owned and maintained by the City of Zephyrhills. The cemetery was established 1911 and later the ownership transferred to the City. The cemetery has space for the remains of over 2,500 individuals.

There is a City database listing the names and death dates of those interred, as well as the family names of those planning future interment. The highlighted word "database" is linked to www.ci.zephyrhills.fl.us/Oakside_Cemetery/cemetery.htm.

The cemetery contains the grave of those who were prominent and those who lived simpler lives. Veterans in the cemetery are from all the wars and conflicts since the Civil War.

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  1. There is a small cemetery on #54 a few miles east of #98, on the south side and on the east side of the railway tracks. Do you have any history on this site?