22 October 2008

Message Boards

Last spring Pam & Pat presented a talk about using message boards and mailing lists. I signed up for both and soon had received a message that, although it did not break down the wall, was a start. I had some information but needed to confirm it by searching the archives in Burlington, VT. Before I got to that archives I posted a second message including some of the details I received but looking for more information. Then a few weeks later I was able to search in Burlington but could not find any positive statistics.

Several weeks later I was back in FL and I received an email from someone who had read my message. It turns out that she had the information I was looking for plus more. I was able to finally connect the fourth and fifth generations back to my tree. I also was able to talk to a relative, whom I did not know existed and received some valuable information.

If you haven't used the message board you should try it. It made a believer of me.

Ray Morris


  1. Too Cool! I'm glad to hear that you 'made a connection'!

    I actually may have found the elusive Wm. Schultz (actor) that I've heard about for years, but didn't think I'd ever find.

    Keep posting those messages!


  2. Mailing lists and Bulletin Boards have made me wonderful connections with cousins and other helpful people. Sometimes they have questions, but these people have answers to my questions.

  3. Congrats on your finds and your success! It's so exciting to make leaps. Be sure to talk to Pattie or me at a meeting if you still have questions. We're happy to try to help.

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