17 October 2008

Google Your Family Tree

Google Your Family Tree is the name of a book by Daniel M. Lynch. It will be selling for $34.95.

In numerous Society meetings and workshops, the speakers have extolled the value of the search engines. Someone has finally written a book about using Google to kick start your genealogy.

I haven't seen the book. If you click the highlighted book's title you can learn more about the book.

Any comments?

1 comment:

  1. I haven't read this particular book.

    However, I do routinely google relatives names. Doing so has lead me to obituaries, cemetery records, and independently maintained family websites.

    My most recent find was a book: Meeting the Last Train, Hagerman, New Mexico and Its Pioneers. Some pages of the book are published at the website. And, as it just so happens, two of several families I am looking for in Hagerman were in the published pages. The book is for sale and currently on my Christmas list.

    When you google, you have to have some patience and you need to learn to use boolean opertors to limit your results (see Google's advance search).

    And you shouldn't just limit your searches to Google. Other search engines can return different results. It's worth checking Yahoo, Dogpile, etc. to see what pops up.