31 October 2008

Free Search & View of Old Newspapers

I listen to the October 12th GenealogyGuys Podcast (a link to their blog is in the right-hand column) and heard that the old issues St. Petersburg Times were available online through Google to search and view. They were right back to about 1907.

I have found family stories, obits, wedding announcements, birthday stories, anniversaries, and things I didn't want to know.

I wondered what else was available this way. The Tampa Tribune was not. The Atlanta Constitution was, but not for free. But I did find a bunch that I could search and view for free.

This is a short list of the ones that I found (I looked in the period 1880-1920) and there are more:
St. Petersburg Times,
Evening Independent (St. Petersburg, FL),
St. Louis Globe Democrat,
St. Louis Christian Advocate,
Philadephia Press,
Sarnia Observer,
Eire Observer,
Deseret News (UT),
Arizona Journal-Miner,
Rome Tribune-Herald (GA), and
The New York Times (it views differently)

There are Canadian newspapers too:
Toronto World,
Daily Telegraph (Toronto),
St. John Daily (N.B.), and
Buckingham Post (Que.)

Here is a sample link (just click it):

Where do you start. Here: http://news.google.com/archivesearch/advanced_search,
that is the Google News Archive Search - Advanced Options (click the url link).
(Top right corner of this webpage has tips for you.)

In the fill-in area, your Find results is self-explanatory.

The Date, you can bracket a period from one date to another or just use the right-hand box to ask for all available before whenever.

Language is self-explanatory.

The Source is the name of the newspaper. It is best to just do one newspaper at a time. Examples: St Petersburg Times, Rome Tribune, Deseret News, Daily Telegraph, etc.

The Price that I choose is no price.

The list of findings is similar to other Google finding, but clicking the title sends you to a copy of the newspaper. The article title may have nothing to do with your search so look at the miniature on the right-hand side. The blue box contains what you see to the left-hand side and the yellow highlights are your find results words. Use your mouse to click & drag the blue box to the yellow spots or drag the left-hand image or the right-hand image.

The search works, but it has problems with newsprint (things are missed.) Newsprint fades, it is too dark, it bleeds through from the other side. If you leave Find results blank and you limit the Date to one day, you have that day's paper to read through.

I have just about confused myself. You should just try it with no price selected in the Price box.

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  1. As usual, Tom, you are so good at directing us how to find things online. I just attended a session delivered by Pam Cooper at the 12th annual Family History genealogical conference and she spoke on the same topic. More and more are available to search, we just have to know how to find them. Thanks. Virginia