02 September 2008

Family Story

The first weekend in August is the Bernhardt Family reunion in Salisbury, NC. This year my cousin who now lives in Reno, NV, told the story of how her family was at Pearl Harbor December 7. Their house backed up to the Tennessee and the Arizona was close by. Her Dad had on his whites, ready to go to work, when they heard and saw the planes. He realized they were not American so he had them run for the car which was parked under some trees. The Japanese pilots were shooting at the trees so they were lucky not to get hit. When they went back to the house later, the one side was shot off and nothing in it was usable. They cleaned it out with shovels. They left January 7 but her Dad stayed for two more years.

Joan Knowles


  1. So glad to hear about this family memory. Would you have known about this story if you had not gone to the reunion? Sometimes these reunions are the only time cousins see each other. Hope you took lots of notes. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Wow ! ! That is amazing. I thought only the ships were hit and no civilians were involved. Thanks for sharing this story.