02 September 2008

cemetery location

I have been trying to find information concerning my Uncle's grave in Springfield, VT for some time. I tried the message board with no luck. I Googled cemeteries in that location and kept coming up with the name of a funeral home. After a few frustrating tries I finally emailed the home and sure enough they helped me. They are located adjoining the cemetery and emailed back the exact location and directions to the site. I am stopping by while in VT to take a picture of the stone. So, don't give up but try the local funeral homes. You might strike it rich.
Ray Morris

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  1. I am so glad to hear from you this summer, oops, summer is over. Anyway, am glad to hear you have had luck in locating the grave. You said the magic words, don't give up. Many times researchers stop when things don't go well. That is when I dig my heels in and think outside the box and try new methods. Also, funeral homes are starting to keep archives of obituaries online now that you can search now. I visit the websites of the funeral homes in my local home town regularly. Hope you get some good pictures.