17 September 2008

Ancestry.com Access Library Edition

Get it while it last because I'm sure they are going to plug it up when they figure it out:
1. Go to http://wpl.lib.ri.us/
2. Click Databases/Web Sites
3. Click Genealogy
4. Click Ancestry.Library Edition (in Library)
5. Start searching....

This news came from one of my English lists.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. As of today (9/19), they plugged up the hole.

    I wonder how often libraries leave something open accidently?

  3. For shame!!!

    Postings like this is why Ancestry.com was removed from @home access from the libraries to start with.

    For shame!!!

  4. Lets watch what we post. I have to agree with anonymous on this one.

  5. Libraries are well aware of the security requirements for their sites. If they leave a gapping hole in their security and people discover it, they are going to use it. To be honest, I thought this was amusing more than anything else. And indeed the hole was plugged up in less than 24 hours. So my response is, "Lighten up."