03 August 2008

Newsletter Addendum: More Sources for Civil War Florida Records

No sooner does the newsletter go to press than additional information is revealed.

Fortunately, we have this BLOG where I can post this information.

The State Archives has produced an online guide called A Guide to Civil War Records at the State Archives of Florida. It is good, I wish I had it before I wrote the article. The guide highlights every specific families and topics. The history of the war is more important. If you are very lucky you might find correspondence by an ancestor or relative.

August 10th's Heritage Hunting by Sharon Tate Moody in the Tampa Tribune, is about Civil War Veterans. She offers National Archives link to Civil War Records.

There is a Florida Civil War Reenactor's Website. If you are rolling your eyes back, stop it. These guys are serious, most are descendant from a soldier, and they are walking-talking resources. A little over a year ago we had a reenactor speak at a meeting, it was impressive.

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