31 August 2008

News from LDS

Did you know....... there are more than 18 times more data stored in the Granite Mountain vaults than is contained in the entire Library of Congress? According to Craig H. Miller, an engineer who is currently employed by the Church as a director of Memberships Needs who reported about this Tuesday at BYU Education week.

To read more about it go to the LDS NET Forums at http://www.lds.net/forums/family-history/13814-updates-byu-education-week.html

Our new library director and PCGS member, Suzanne Plasse, is telling me the church is trying to digitize all these records and in eight years they plan on having it all online for you to see. This is a major project and requires an "army of volunteers" to do all this work. Go to new.familysearch.org to read more about it. To view more of what Craig had to say about this project go to http://hughw36.blogspot.com/

I am pleased to hear about this venture.