15 August 2008

Files from WWII OSS are secret no more

"Files from WWII Office of Strategic Services are secret no more" is the telling title from an August 15, 2008 article in the Los Angles Times. You may need to complete free registration with the newspaper to read the full article.

Hopefully, Footnote.com or another group will make these files easily accessible soon. They are full of names and stories. Many GIs were involve with the OSS. The backgrounds of some immigrating to the US after WWII may be there too.

Did you know Julia Child, the French Chef on TV, was a spy for the US?

Did you know that Sterling Hayden was an agent who parachuted into Nazi Croatia, before he became a crazy general in "Dr. Strangelove" or the bad cop in "the Godfather"?


  1. The Tampa Tribune ran an AP article on the OSS files release.

    The Washington Post ran an article, "OSS Records Bristle With Details About Agents" with details. It had number estimates on files and numbers of GIs involved.

  2. Every time I see Julia Child from now on, I will wonder what she did as a spy and if she put a truth serum in her food.