21 August 2008

Archival Pen Problem

I have learned that unlabeled photographs become increasingly mysterious with time. I know understand that some inks will cause problems with the photographs quality over time. So I purchased an archival quality pen, ZIG Memory Systems, Ball 5 mm. Archival, Pigment Ink - Photo Safe - Acid-Free - Waterproof - Archival Quality - Lightfast - Fade Proof - Non-bleeding. They forgot to warn me that it takes a long time to dry ( a half hour later, it is still smears.) It is also left-handed-writers problem.

I decided that photographs are already loaded with chemicals so I choose a different pen. I am using a Faber-Castell - PITT artist pen, Indian ink - waterproof - maximum light-fastness. It is fast drying.

Is anyone else got comments about archival supplies?

1 comment:

  1. I use the Zig Memory System Millennium pens and they dry fast but you have to use a bit of caution so they don't smear. They take about 5 minutes to dry. I had some other types of archival pens and they took a day to dry, which I learned the hard way.
    It is important to write the information with the photo on a hard surface and don't use a ball point pen! It leaves marks. If you don't want to buy the pens (from Target, they are about $5 for 5 colors). (Micheal's has them also.)
    The society has many members that need to add information to their photos. Who, where, what was going on?.....A great summer project.
    Photos with no information are completely lost over time....don't let that happen to your family photos.