31 July 2008

Take the Kids to See Graves Day

No, I don't think it will catch on either.

Kids and genealogy are a hard mix to make. Did you know that there is a Genealogy Summer Camp for kids in Southern California? It was in the Los Angeles Times in with club announcements, Kids Genealogy Camp. The camp includes the art of oral interviews and photograph collections.

No I am not aware of Summer Camps like this locally:)

And you may have to complete free registration with the newspaper.


  1. Wish we had thought of that. Sounds like a fun activity.

  2. My grandkids love to go to the cemetery. We have several pictures with grandkids at tombstones of great great grandparents. It was a method of teaching them where their ancestors were located. Because my grandparents took me to the grave yards is the reason why I am the one who knows where they are located. It is necessary for continuation of family history. Good idea.

  3. One of my fondest memories of my grandmother involves us walking the graveyard at St. Mary's south of Houma, Louisiana. As we passed each whitewashed grave, my grandmother told me who the relative was and how they were related to me. As she told me about each person, they became real to me...no longer just a name and dates on a headstone.