09 July 2008

Historical & Genealogical Facilities across Florida will be CLOSING

The Hamilton County, Florida Historical Museum will be closing because of cut backs in County funding.

Tuesday - 8 July 2008
This morning the County Manager's office has informed us that the Polk County Historical Museum and Historical & Genealogical Library are NOT recommended for funding in next year's budget. Unless something changes this means that we will CEASE OPERATIONS on September 30th.


The building that was the Hamilton county Museum will still be there but it will remain closed.

The Polk County Museum & Library will be closed until fund is found or the collections disappear.


Are you aware of other closings?

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  1. It appears that budget cuts are affecting all Pasco County libraries. New River Library will be issuing all books for a 14 day period. No more 30 days; however, books are renewable if not on a wait list.