30 May 2008

Dade City Cemetery - Front Page News

The Dade City Cemetery has been in the news for surprising reasons.

The latest was on the front page of Thursday May 29, 2008's Tampa Tribune. The article was titled Dade City Employees Can Take Benefit to the Grave. The story is about a positive move by the city government to compensate qualified city employees for their "comp-time." The recent changes in the tax laws will eliminate accumulations of "comp-time." The cemetery plots sell for between $300 to $400. The cemetery dates back 300 years.

Earlier in the week, another article was found on the front page of Tuesday May 27, 2008's Pasco Tribune section of the Tampa Tribune. The article was titled, Dade City Seeks Cemetery Land Swap. The article describes a planned swap of equipment, land, and cash for property adjacent to the cemetery. The 130 year old cemetery was running out of space for new residences.

Usually we hear or read about negative stories connected to cemeteries. This is the opposite, they are positive stories. The cemetery is growing and active. the City sees the cemetery as a resource.

BTW: This is a link to another positive posting about cemeteries in Albany County, NewYork.

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  1. It is good to see the city using responsible foresight to handle the situation rather than responding to a crisis.