27 April 2008

Grave Sites and Damage

Last Sunday's Tampa Tribune included an extensive article on cemeteries going to ruin. My beau (Garry), who happens to be a commercial insurance adjuster, mentioned in passing that when you own a grave your home owner's policy covers damages to the grave marker. I mentioned this in passing to Pattie Schultz.

Pattie checked with Scott Black who (I think) is an insurance agent. Scott reported that not only does your home owner's cover damages to grave marks you own, it also covers liability if someone trips on your grave marker and tries to sue you.

So if you've inherited a grave marker that's a wreck, you might want to check your home owner's to see if you have coverage.


  1. Great thing to know Pam. Thank you.

  2. Here in Florida, many of us have large deductibles to reduce our large premiums. The grave marker coverage may apply, but only after the deductible is deducted and the loss of the claim free premium discount.