16 April 2008

Book from Ancestry

While cruising on Amazon.com, I found a book titled "The McKee Name in History" for $35. I usually shy away from these books but this one was produced by Ancestry.com. So with more money than brains, I plunked down my $35 and waited.

A few days later the box arrived at my front door. The book is lovely to look at and to hold. However, it is basically a compilation of statistics that I could have found on my own. I'm a professional technical writer. When I look at this book, it looks like an historical template that could be updated with just about any name and a new set of statistics.

I was disappointed, especially since there is a great tale about the origins of the McKee family in Scotland. They were such a contentious bunch that an English king had to place an English nobleman smack in the middle of three groups to keep them from killing each other. My family is most likely from the southern most group. And yes, they were a pretty contentious bunch while living in Southern Illinois.

I guess the upshot of all of this is buyer beware…even when it's published by Ancestry.com.

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  1. Glad you posted this!

    I had a similar book, but with the Pahlke surname on my Amazon wish list.