27 March 2008

What to Buy a Genealogist?

Everyone has a friend that is hard to buy for, mine is Pam. Every year I would rack my brain on the perfect gift. Pam has many interests; gardening, genealogy, butterflies and dance to name a few. Still, it was hard to find just the right gift because she seemed to have everything.

Inspiration struck when I was putting together a pencil box for my granddaughter for school. I was buying pencils, pens, markers, a ruler and a simple calculator. I suddenly had a case of déjà vu; these are all the items I carry with me when I do my genealogy research. They were also the items that Pam always borrowed.

Going through the check out line, it appeared I had two children starting school. I actually had one starting school and a friend who would now be armed with the tools to research and take notes without having to borrow mine!

1 comment:

  1. And when I got the gift I started laughing because I knew exactly why I was getting it. We had just been on a trip and I was browing everything you had. I use the pencil box and supplies to this day.