13 March 2008

Pasco County Libraries - Inter-Library Loans

Do you use the Inter-Library loan service at any of the Pasco County Libraries? If so, please continue reading.

I was at my local library yesterday requesting a book from out of state. The librarian hesitated and said that she wasn't sure if that service was available any longer. While I stood there looking surprised, the librarian next to her said it would be available until the next budget year, which was October.

As my book request was being processed I asked if they could explain why this service was being discontinued. It seems that with the budget cuts coming to Pasco County, based on the property tax referendum that passed in January, the Pasco County Library System had to trim their budget. The librarian said it was the Inter-Library loan service or a reduction in jobs.

It is hard to know what else went into this decision but I thought I would post a message to let everyone know. I asked the librarian who I could write to and she suggested the County Comissioners.

I'm aware that Pasco County, like all counties and cities effected by these budget cuts, has hard decisions to make for the next year. It is just a shame that it effects a service that allows the sharing of books between Pasco County and the rest of the United States.


  1. This could be part of the cost cutting that Florida citizens passed earlier this year.

    I wonder if InterLibrary Loans (ILL) will return as a pay as you go feature.

    I also wonder how AlleyCat/Iborrow will be impacted. This feature allows for borrowing a book from a consortium library in an ILL manner from our pubic library.

  2. This might be something that the Genealogy Guys could look into and mention. It will probably effect many libraries in Florida.
    What if people in other parts of the country want to borrow a book from the Pasco library system? Will it no longer be available?

  3. From talking to the librarians, it sounded like Pasco County would be 'opting out' of the program.

    That said, it sounded like someone in another county or part of the country would not be able to get a book from Pasco either.

    I'm sure other counties are dealing with the same type of choices.